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Flooring services including demolition, installation, floor refinishing and more at Artisan Wood Floor LLC | Phoenix AZ


We offer services that range from concept to completion. Any or all of these services are available for residential and commercial projects.  In every project, whether large or small, basic or complex, we always dedicate our attention to quality and customer service. We are building a legacy of beauty, quality and craftsmanship.

Flooring cosultation services in Phoenix, AZ


Your free consultation can start over the phone, via email, in our showroom, with over 2,000 samples of wood, laminate and vinyl to choose from, or at your project site, be it residential or commercial. We offer sales as well as installation and provide guidance in choosing the right type of material as well as the style, color, and possible design. Many of our samples offer room visualization, so you can download a picture of your room to the product site or look at them on our website and see what different products would look like in your space. We can color match to existing products, source hard to find materials, and provide solutions to your flooring nightmares, turning them into flooring dreams!


We provide free estimates for sales and installation. Installation estimates are completed after a report is made of the property. These estimates can include demolition, haul away, material costs, glue down or floating installation of vinyl, laminate, or wood, new baseboards, etc. We can also do custom stairnosing to give you that square edged, modern look for your stairs.

Dust containment

Enjoy beautiful floors or remodeling projects without worrying about a messy cleanup. Dust containment systems protect surfaces from airborne particles and help maintain proper air quality, keeping your space safe. Dust Barrier systems provide dust control for construction, remodeling, and restoration.


Wood Removal: Wood floors that have been glued down are very difficult and time consuming to remove by hand. Let us take care of this for you with our demo tractor. We will also remove the adhesive and prep the floor to be ready for installation.

Tile Removal: We offer Dustless Tile Removal, including the thin set, and we bring the subfloor to install ready condition.

Carpet Removal: We remove any carpet, including tack strips, and make sure the floor is ready for installation.

Artisan Wood will haul away all the debris and take care of any dump fees to eliminate any hassles or worries that can come with demolition projects.


Concrete settles and needs to be grinded to bring it to the flooring industry standard of 1/8” difference over 10 ft that every flooring manufacturer requires, whether you’re installing vinyl, laminate, or wood flooring. The cost of the flooring is a worthwhile investment, why not protect it with flat concrete grinding? We use our dustless concrete grinding equipment with HEPA vacuum filters to ensure a hassle-free experience.


Leveling a floor is an important step when installing any type of new flooring to meet manufacturers’ warranty requirements, as well as eliminating hills and valleys so your new floor will lay flat. A level subfloor will help your flooring last longer and keep the finish attractive. If not, you could end up with squeaks and a rough, uneven, crooked finish surface. Ensuring that the floor is level will cause less stress on the materials in use and prevent any damage to the textiles.


Your floor is a worthwhile investment. Whether glue down, nail down or floating installations, we believe in prevention not problems. We have a very intentional and experienced purchasing criteria for the products that make into our showroom to protect your lifelong investment. Since our climate is so unique in Arizona, we use our generational experience to prevent any problems to eliminate the possibility before they occur. We use the best European adhesives that are held to higher standards than traditional US glues. Our installation crews go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction.

Refinishing Services at artisan wood floor

Refinishing - Sand/Finish

We sand the floor down to raw wood, removing the stain and finish, which allows for the removal of deeper scratches and other marring to bring back the original beauty of your wood floors. We use dustless equipment to bring you a beautiful floor. You can then change the color of your floor with a different stain or keep it the original color. Typically recommended for solid wood floors and engineered floors with a 3mm wear layer or thicker.

Refinishing - Recoating

Love your existing floor and simply want to refresh it, but without a full sand and finish? Recoat service is the perfect answer! This service typically only takes a day or two to complete, depending on the size of your home. This is a great way to protect your floor from wearing it out in heavy traffic areas and add the original luster to your floors or change the sheen to a different one. Note that a full sand and refinish is required to eliminate deeper scratches in your hardwood floors. Recommended for both engineered and solid wood floors. And of course, if you have a gymnasium, stadium, basketball court, racquetball court, or other hardwood sports court, we do those as well!

Refinishing Services at artisan wood floor

Refinishing - Stain

There are so many options, you are bound to find the right one for your floor! We make the process easy. We will show you several stain colors on sample pieces of similar wood to your product. Once the final options are chosen, we then do a sample on site on your actual floor that will be approved by you before the whole house is done so that you can be confident in the color that appears on your specific age and species of wood.

Custom flooring designs

Artisan Wood Floor’s attention to detail is precisely what’s needed when it comes to custom medallions and inlays or an original bespoke pattern with multiple hardwood species. We can transform your drawing into the floor you’ve been envisioning. We start with an existing design concept and modify it to your wishes or design the perfect medallion or inlay from scratch.


If you have damage to your floors, whether it’s termites, water, or scratches, we provide board replacement to allow you to save your flooring without replacing all of it, thus saving you lots of time and money. We will use products you already have or work with you to find your existing product. If your existing product is no longer available, we will try to find the best possible alternative.

Accent walls

A wood accent wall can instantly make a space feel more elegant and sophisticated, rustic and laidback, or warm and welcoming, depending on the style, stain, and type of lumber you choose. Studies have shown that wooden materials can boost the quality of an indoor environment in many ways, from improving acoustics and moisture buffering to hampering certain bacteria. 

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